Elettrograf was founded in 1994 by the will of specialized professionals in the field of electronic design and manufacturing. Our staff is composed of enthusiast design engineers and a brilliant sales staff, we work perfectly integrated into the Quality System ISO9001: 2008.
Elettrograf believes in Italian talent and uniqueness of Made in Italy. Even in the most difficult market, we have chosen that the entire chain of our planning and production activity of boards, systems and electronic products, remain entirely in our wonderful country.
We decided to place ourselves in specialized sectors, ignoring the large numbers and the Low-Tech, that would have unavoidably forced us to produce abroad. We focused rather on products and services of high quality that require, for their characteristics, a continuous and precise after-sales relationship.
We prefer to challenge the technology, we strongly believe in our intuitions, our talent, in belonging to a special team where the customer is an integral part.
Elettrograf gives its customers the answers that they looking for, and immediately. Both in terms of consulting and product support. We believe that beyond the economic convenience, the service is that matters.
We are a small, flexible and dynamic reality, and that is the reason we can offer to our customers a direct contact at first demand. We have realized that only through a right attitude and a live confrontation, we can design and manage the product; in short terms, with the highest quality and mutual satisfaction.