Franco Traverso



Considered the pioneer of photovoltaics since 1981, Franco Traverso has contributed actively to develop solar energy in Italy and all over the world with a highly innovative orientation. In 1981, at the very beginning of photovoltaics, he founded Helios Technology that he will lead up to 2008 bringing it to become the main Italian manufacturer of solar cells and modules. On this way, there are many first-rate installations and the transfer of technologies made in Italy and in the world (Sweden, South Africa, China, India etc.). In 2007, shortly before leaving Helios, Traverso founded Silfab Spa, now dedicated to the production of solar energy in South Italy, and afterwards established Silfab Ontario Inc. (Canada), today active in the manufacture of high efficiency modules for the North American market with production of 150 MW per year. In 2014 he re-launched his activity in Italy and founded MegaCell Srl and took over ex Helios Technology production lines to start production of the new bifacial cell BiSoN with high efficiency N-type monocrystalline silicon with a production capacity of 80 MW in 2015. Now, to develop the most innovative projects in the renewable energy sector, he has created MegaEngineering, dedicated specifically to the development of components and systems able to exploit the full potential of renewable energy, in the first place of photovoltaic systems.



ELETTROGRAF is my partner since 1998. Combining the know-how of my photovoltaic industry companies, their ability to design and manufacture high-tech electronic devices, we have created a winning combination, active till now. They have produced charge controllers with excellent features and other energy control and management devices in stand-alone systems. ELETTROGRAF is able to listen to customer needs, transferring them into technology products. A reliable company, dynamic, able to adapt quickly to market demands. Their products are very interesting:


Their products are very interesting:
  • Mia Energy series, for the storage and energy self-consumption management of PV systems.
  • APID, device for restoring of the PV modules affected by P.I.D.
Franco Traverso