Manufacturing unit

Our manufacturing Unit consists of 1,300 square meters and employs 20 skilled technicians. Uses advanced machinery, including:
  • Automated components assembly
    line SMD Mydata Mod. MY100DX14 complete with picker, optical screen-printing, automatic drain as well as other 5 TOPAX and SAPPHAIRE production lines with SMT technology, for a total production capacity of 50,000 components as of now.
  • Automatic welding
    SEHO POWER Reflow 2.4 Reflow oven; VAPOR PHASE VP800 ASCON oven (Welding with Galden).
  • Testing and quality control
    Nikon XTV130 X-ray machine and CYBEROPTICS FLEX ULTRA optical vision machine for 100% quality control of production.
Reparto montaggio automatico di componenti in tecnologia SMD

Reparto montaggio di componenti THT

Reparto montaggio, finitura e collaudo dei prodotti

Linea di montaggio SMD Mydata

Linea di montaggio Pick & Place Sapphaire

Saldatrice Vapour Phase

Saldatrice selettiva lemme

Forno SMD Powerreflow 2.4 Seho

Macchina a raggi X Nikon XTV130

At the end, the products, tested and checked at 100% of production, are ready to be delivered to the customer.