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Mia Energy Self-consumption

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Mia Energy Self-consumption

Maximum gain from photovoltaic system

Mia Energy Autoconsumo is a professional system, scalable and complete. It offers five configurations for the intelligent management of the self-consumption of energy generated by PV systems and the consumption reduction of that taken from the network. It can be mounted on any existing PV system up to 6 kW single-phase.

Why it is convenient:

  • Measures the produced, input and consumed energy by means of 2 Openable Current Transformer.
  • You can visualize it directly on board of the device display, or from Tablet, Smartphone or PC.
  • Maximizes self-consumption by turning on or off wired and remote-controlled loads, and by modulating resistive loads.
  • Saves data in a log for the last year, for every hour of the day, and annual for 64 years.

Top Kit

(complete configuration)


EASY: Can be installed on any existing PV system up to 6 kW single-phase.

SAVING: up to 6 times by immediate consumption of produced energy.

FREE HOT WATER: powering electric boilers will save gas.

FREE HEATING: powers radiant walls and electrical heaters.

ESSENTIAL: STOP overload Blackout.

AUTOMATIC: powers up to 4 loads via radio or cable.

GRID BALANCE: STOP inverter shutdown because of line overload.

MEASURES: the input, consumed and produced energy1 by the PV system.

Mia Energy Autoconsumo available in 5 different configurations

     Base Monitoring Kit



Instant measurement of the produced, input and consumed energy, visualized through the on board LCD display. Creation of a log of the last year (for each hour of the day, and annual for 64 years) and generating of a downloadable .csv file. It has all the predispositions * to be expanded to all other configurations described in other kits.


     Radio Controlled Load Kit



This configuration allows you to manage the self-consumption through automatic control of maximum 4 wireless sockets (2 included in the kit), to which can be connected as many preferential loads, to turn on or off depending on the priorities and programmable thresholds set and based on availability of energy from the PV system. The intelligent loads management allows you to use 2 exclusive features of Mia Energy Autoconsumo:
  • Grid Balance, prevents inverted shutdown because of line overvoltage, a common condition in areas with a high density of photovoltaic installations. This function, in case of overvoltage, turns on a priority load to lower the network voltage and to prevent the inverter to turn off; the detachment of the load takes place automatically at the return of the optimal voltage levels. The intervention thresholds are programmable.
  • Black out Stop, this function allows, in case of excessive absorption from the power network, to disconnect automatically a preference load, to avoid magneto thermic breaker release and the subsequent blackout.

  •      Wi-Fi Monitoring Kit



    Evolution of the Basic Kit, the Wi-Fi Monitoring kit acts as a Web server, generating HTML pages that can be viewed locally on the Smartphone, iPad and PC, exactly as if you were accessing a Web page of the Internet. By means of this mode, you can view the various parameters related to the used, collected and produced energy, as well as the graphics of the day, month and year.
    For remote viewing, you need a fixed IP or alternatively you can use a dynamic IP service such as www.dyndns.it or www.noip.com. This kit has all the predispositions * to expand its use to all other configurations described in the other KIT.

         Hot Water Kit from the PV system



    This configuration allows supplying, in total autonomy, an electric water heater for sanitary water heating. The NTC sensor measures the water temperature; Mia Energy CPU controls the internal electrical resistance of the boiler via output proportional to 0 to 100% with the use of static relay AF1.G3PE215B (3000W). With this system, it is possible to operate the electric water heater to heat water in a progressive manner, in a linear mode, based on the amount of electrical energy available from the PV. The water temperature can be displayed and controlled directly by Mia Energy CPU. To avoid that, in the absence of sun and therefore of energy from the PV system the water remains cold, it is possible to ensure that when the NTC temperature sensor detects a too low temperature (adjustable threshold), the state relay activates and starts to pick up energy from the network, until it reaches the set temperature, above which, it returns to prioritize the self-consumption of energy from PV.

         Top Kit



    This kit unites the potential of the Mia Wi-Fi Energy Monitoring Kit + that of Mia Energy radio-controlled loads Kit, allows to turn on and off remotely (Smartphone, Tablet, PC) the 4 loads, for example: turn on the garden irrigation system or access and modify the main parameters of the device.

    Predispositions of 5 Kit

    Each of the 5 configurations has various adaptations, for possible future integrations, that makes Mia Energy Autoconsumo a complete tool:
    • Turning on and off of 4 wireless outlets for preferential loads activation.
    • no. 4 NPN digital outputs for control of a max. of 4 external relays for activation of the same number of wired loads.
    • no. 2 analog outputs 0..10V for partialization of intelligent loads such as heat pumps with 0-10V input. These 2 analog outputs are converted into PWM outputs 1 Hz/PWM 100Hz with variable Duty Cycle, for the partialization of resistive loads such as: electric water heaters, radiant walls.
    • n.1 analog input NTC temperature sensor.
    • n.2 analog inputs 0 ... 60 V, for customizations on request
    • Instant measurement and historical log of produced, consumed and introduced energy during the last year, for every hour of the day, and year for 64 years - available from the on board LCD display - Stop Black Out and Grid Balance Functions. 

    In addition to the five configurations described, simply by varying the type and number of accessories, it is possible to obtain new sets, depending on the needs of the system.
    Elettrograf is available to identify your ideal configuration.


    Components of Mia Energy Autoconsumo


    Mia Energy CPU

    (cod. AF1.MIAENERGCPR)

    Is the main device of Mia Energy Autoconsumo system for each of the 5 configurations. It collects energy data from the 2 CTs (one is supplied with a cable connection, measures the energy produced by the PV) and decides, according to the set priorities, the activation or deactivation of the loads, both by cable and wireless. It manages the communication with the Wi-Fi module, the measures log, alongside with all the functions of this system.

    Mia Energy CT

    (cod. AF1.MIAENERGYTR)

    It is the CT reading device, measures the energy withdrawn or input from/into the power network. It connects to Mia Energy CPU which transmits data both via cable and wireless. This last option is useful where, for the design of the PV system, the cable connection is problematic.

    Mia WiFi

    (cod. AF1.MIAWIFI)

    This device acts as a Web Server, allows the connection between the on-site Wi-Fi, and devices such as smartphones, iPad, PC. Through HTML pages, it is possible to access the various parameters related to the production and consumption of energy, view graphics, turn on and off remotely connected loads, access and modify the main parameters of the machine.

    Static relay

    (cod. 011.G3PE215B)

    Allows controlling resistive loads up to 3kW proportionally in relation to the available energy from the PV plant.

    Relay 12V 16A, Din socket

    (cod. AF1.RELE12V16AZ)

    It is used to control preferential cabled loads, when the Wireless connection is not possible.

    Radio Controlled socket with remote control

    (cod. AF1.PR2900WT)

    Remote-controlled Socket

    (cod. AF1.PR2900W)

    Used to turn on or off wirelessly preferential loads, in this case every system needs a socket with the remote control.