StartUp Idea

With this formula, we provide our know-how for the design, development and production of tailored "Custom" electronic boards and devices with the exclusive brand of customers.

It's a service aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, StartUp which intend to deal with or anticipate the market by offering a new product, upgrading existing ones, in the sectors: Industrial and Civil.

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about a new project where you need a board or an electronic device?
  1. Bring us your project at StartUp phase.
  2. We will analyse together the feasibility, costs, resolve any weaknesses and thus will strengthen the quality.
  3. We will take care of the hardware, software design and prototyping.
  4. We will accompany you through the certification path.
  5. We will take care of the production and testing, up to the finished product, packaged and ready to ship.
  6. There are no constraints of minimum quantities.




The office of R&D is the spearhead of our company
It deals with research, development, hardware and software design of the electronic boards, manages prototyping, testing and certification phases. Working on different industries has allowed us to acquire multidisciplinary skills and flexibility in facing and solving different problems with ease.


You will have total control of your products

With a completed project we will deliver all connected documentation: circuit diagrams, printed circuit master, components lists, source files of firmware, CE test reports. This crucial step allows you to have under control the product in all its aspects: planning and execution.