ELETTROGRAF reaches out an intense research and development activity.


We have drawn on the extraordinary talent of our team, creating brand products branded ELETTROGRAF, especially for the Solar Photovoltaic industry, in which ELETTROGRAF has been active since 1998. We acquired considerable experience, especially in storage and energy management sector, that has allowed us to collaborate with the most important Italian companies.
In addition to the Photovoltaic sector, Elettrograf is developing projects and products in the field of Security. In both cases with a high level of innovation and with acquired patent.

Some examples:


APID: device for power restoration of PV modules affected by P.I.D.

HELP:  the first anti-theft in the world for aluminium and copper cables for photovoltaic systems (Patent no. 0001411374).


HELP- AC:  the first anti-theft in the world for copper and aluminium cables of AC electrified lines (Licence no. 0001411374).

Mia Energy Self-consumption: Smart management of self-produced PV energy.

Sem & Gensem:  Security system for electrical disconnection of every separate Photovoltaic System module (Patent n.0001409336) (In the testing phase).


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