Tiziano Busin



In 1981 founded Zhermack Spa. Parent company, 400 employees of which 270 in Italy and 130 in Germany, Poland and the USA filial, and representative offices in Moscow, London, Paris, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Bogota. Turnover of about 85 million. Since 2009 equal Partner of Dentsply International of York (Pennsylvania), the world leader in Odontology with 13,000 employees and NASDAQ listing with a turnover of 3 billion dollars and a market capitalization of 6 billion.
Owner of seven international licences.


Main activities

  • 2005  Founder member of Veneto Nanotech.
  • 2006 Sole administrator of Fys Ltd of Badia Polesine and Czech Republic (biomass energy).
  • 2006 Founder of the Sinfonia G.m.b.h Marl.(Germany) Food and wine distribution company made in Italy.
  • 2007 Founder member of Banco delle Venezie.
  • 2011 Founding member of Horentek Ltd. of Livorno (equipment for the hearing impaired).
  • 2013 V.P. and A.D. member of Venetwork spa Financial Holding of 50 Venetians Entrepreneurs for territory development. Focus on new industrial initiatives and Start-up.
  • 2013 Member and Director of Heliv group (Nanotechnologies).
  • 2014 Member and Director of 2045 Tech (devices for smartphones).
  • 2014 Founder and President of Fantic Motor.
  • 2014 Sole shareholder and sole Administrator of HIZEDFIN LTD (holding company).
  • 2015 Sole Administrator of Ventura Ltd. (tourism and boat rentals).


Other scientific and institutional activity of Confindustria:

  • From 2000 to 2003 President of the Chemical industries Section of the Province of Rovigo, reconfirmed in 2010. 
  • Since 2004 Member of the Board for Assindustria Rovigo.
  • From 2003 to 2007 Adviser of Confindustria Veneto.
  • Since 2010 Member of the Board for Unindustria Rovigo.
  • Since 2011 member of Advisory Committee of Unindustria Rovigo, and Venice and with internationalization mandate.
  • Since 2011 President of Assindustria Servizi. (company of Unindustria Rovigo).
  • Since May 2015 a member of the Technical and Scientific Committee of the Galileo Science and Technology Park.



I know ELETTROGRAF since 2008, as suppliers for Zhermack Spa of the Electronic control and management parts and Electromedical devices in the prosthodontist and dentistry sector. I appreciated their approach of real technology partners in electronic designing and production, with great capacity of industrialization problem solving, being able to chat confidently and with competence with our design and research office. A particular note is the quality of service and respect of deadlines for product design and supply.


I also know the products that ELETTROGRAF designs and manufactures under own brand. In particular, I found very interesting two patents owned by this company:
  • SEM disconnector for PV modules, fundamental to dissect every single PV module in case of fire.
  • HELP, anti-theft of copper and aluminium cables, a brilliant idea to fight this growing phenomenon.


Tiziano Busin